Prices below are based on a few breeds, please contact me if your pooch is not mentioned:

Breed Full Groom Price
Yorkshire Terrier £30
West Highland Terrier £32
Shih Tzu £30
Springer Spaniel  £33
Labrador £35
King Charles Spaniel £32
Border Collie £37
Tibetan Terrier £38
Cocker Spaniel  £33
Pomeranian £32
Toy Poodle £30
Standard Poodle £40
Dachshund £33
Schnauzer (standard) £35
Schnauzer (miniature) £30
Lhasa Apso £32
Nails £5
Hand Stripping add £5 to full groom price


These prices depend on the quality of coat and temperament of your pooch. 

Any special requirements welcome